I have a family. I have a fabulous, fabulous family. I’m talking, of course, about my mum’s side  – we just had our first ever family reunion this Canada Day weekend and it was so much fun. You know when you look so forward to something that it’s almost guaranteed to let you down? This is not what happened this weekend! I hope hope hope we don’t wait another 62 years to have one of these! Here are some pictures: 





The reason my family’s so wonderful is because we’re very, very close. I have 6 first cousins and we’re closer than a lot of siblings I know. We always look forward to getting together, and always have a blast when we do! I’m so happy we could all get together while Grandma’s still with us. It must have been amazing for her to watch us all and to see her great-grandchildren playing as she’s watched their parents and their parent’s parents before them 🙂 Beautiful.


~ by maknitobamomma on July 8, 2010.

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