I am not having a good day. It is almost 6 pm. The husband is due home soon. Supper’s made and ready to go. I have cracked a beer. The beer is making me feel better. As I write this, the sun is starting to shine (for the first time in about 4 cold August days – totally opposite of Neil Diamond’s Hot August Nights). Maybe the end of this day will turn out better.

Today has been somewhat productive compared to most days.

– I organized my stash (which, by all accounts is not terribly large – yet).

– I put a few rows onto a plain sock for my dad. A sock that I had to rip out last night when I realized it would be swimmingly large on the husband who has *about* the same leg thickness as my dad (when did I start thinking about people’s “leg thickness similarities”).

– I baked 2 loaves of French Bread. I hope it’ll be okay. All I’ve got for flour is whole wheat. I’ve never made this without cutting it with at least half white flour. It looks and smells okay. Doesn’t feel too heavy but I’ve not cut into it yet – I’ll let you know.

– I parented 3 children. I want to end that sentence with “successfully” and think that I can but just have to get over the momma guilt. Here’s what I mean:

I have in my head the picture of a “successful” parenting day. We wake up, have a nice healthy breakfast – all eating and smiling together happily. Then we head to the park holding hands and laughing, all the while having meaningful and educational conversations. Everyone enjoys the park as I nurse my baby to sleep while knitting on my sock. A random stranger asks me, “How do you do it all?” I reply modestly, “Not every day is like this.” While I self-righteously think to myself, “Yes it is fool. Just spend some time enjoying your children and they’ll be as happy and well-behaved as mine are, bwahahahahahahahahahaha!” The rest of this perfect day is spent enjoying some well-thought-out craft time in the afternoon, followed up by a well-planned (and of course, healthy) crockpot dinner. The husband puts the older 2 to bed while I spend some quality time with my infant loving and nursing him to sleep. Oh, so wonderful.

P.S. I just cracked another beer. Here’s how today went:

– Wake up. Late. No walk for dog because baby’s teething and wants to nurse all night.

– Older 2 watching a movie put on by Dad to keep them from tearing each other’s hair out while Mummy’s in bed.

– Whining while waiting for PB & J on toast. Same as every morning. Whining happening because it’s not waffles. Daddy was home this weekend and made the kids waffles both days. This has become an expectation. Must make note – no more waffles. Ever. Again.

– Baby teething. Can’t get breakfast dishes done. Covet dishwasher. Nurse Baby, try to get him down for morning nap. “Nappus interruptus” ensues when older children start running “the track” (dining room, living room, kitchen, repeat) loudly.

– Short fight involving a doll being snatched by older sister. Mum steps in. Listening does not happen. Chances given, not taken. Boldface disobedience (“I will NOT listen to you Mum”) Mum briefly panics over ponders what life will be like with a teenager in the house. Discipline time, “successful” talk and carry on.

– Lunchtime made by Dad while Mum puts Baby back to sleep because he woke up to burp? I think? Lunch consists of leftover rice, peas and Kraft Dinner. Go Dad.

– Movie. Must remember to thank God for movies later on. Probably not something in his master plan but, c’mon. What would we do without them on rainy days? (P.S. for a dose of hypocrisy, please see my about page)

– Read all three kids a nice, long story. Everyone enjoys it. That’s good, right?

– Roast in oven, bread rising.

– Rain stopped. Send oldest kids outside. Baby naptime – we can do this. Baby sleeping, middle child in to pee. Baby wakes up. Baby back to sleep. Eldest child in to pee. She’s held it too long. Oh no. Must prevent accident. No time to clean up accident with sleeping baby in arms. Eldest child insisting on removing hoody that’s too small for her. This is not necessary to go for a pee. Fight ensues over said hoody. Ends with baby awake, eldest child in corner screaming but no accident. Back outside for you, kiddo. Maybe we’ll talk about this later.

– Still shaking with anger due to eldest child’s desire to disobey, phone rings. Nice chat with friend from Alberta who also has a 5 year old, who also disobeys regularly. Feel better.

– Supper’s ready (did I mention supper’s already made today?!?! Hooray!!)

Successful day of parenting? Yeah, I guess. I’m listening to Hot August Nights. Sometimes Neil Diamond takes the edge off, you know?


~ by maknitobamomma on August 17, 2010.

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