How to Knit with Little Kids

Whenever I give someone a knitted gift, I get asked, “Where do you ever find the time?”. I don’t really find the time. I definitely consider it making time. Knitting is for my sanity. It’s the only thing I can look at at the end of a day and say to myself, “This is what I’ve done today”. Some days with little kids are better than others and maybe a fridge got cleaned, or a floor washed but most days I’m wiping crumbs, hands and solving problems. I can be on a huge roll (even cleaning my oven! Did I mention I cleaned my oven this weekend? Feels so good), and someone will be upstairs going to the bathroom by themselves when a huge catastrophe occurs (which I won’t mention because someone may be embarrassed but we’ve all been there) that sets me back an hour or two. It’s much better just to give up and knit. But I digress….

I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve compiled a list of good times to knit when you have little children. It’s not a long list because, well…you know why.

1. Knit simple. These are not the days of knitting glorious shawls. If someone spills something and you’ve got to set your complicated lace or colourwork down, you may have a problem later on. Socks, hats and mittens are my go to options these days. Also very practical when you have little kids who leave these same things outside for the dog to chew….

2. While waiting. The days of knitting in waiting rooms are over. This does not mean I don’t try but I always give up. I’ve got 3 kids to keep from throwing themselves on the ground and having dirty tantrums, or otherwise bothering the other patrons. I create my own “wait times”. They’re shorter, but they still count. When I’m waiting for the pasta to boil, I knit. If something’s heating in the microwave, I knit. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

3. The Sunday Drive. I have selfishly embraced this tradition. It’s getting cooler here and my husband’s a sucker for a Sunday Drive. If we’ve got nothing else to do on a Sunday and the kids are particularly cranky, it serves as a naptime for everyone (bonus!!!) and good, solid knitting time for me 🙂 This is when I’ll pull out the lace or colourwork because I can sometimes get in more than an hour of uninterrupted knitting. I love the Sunday drive. Love it.

4. Visit Grandma. This works great for me in a couple of ways because both sets of grandparents are over 2 hours away. If hubby comes with, I get driving time knitting t’boot (see above). When we get to Gandma’s, they’re more than happy to play with kids, feed them, wipe their hands, etc. These things are a novelty to Grandmas everywhere. However, do not abuse this privilege. Novelties only last so long.

5. Knurse. Knitting while you nurse. This is where the bulk of my knitting gets done. Hagen is almost 7 months old and he’s getting a little more grabby but I can still get a lot of knitting done when he falls asleep at the boob. He gets a nap and I get to knit. He’s my last baby, so I’m in no rush to put him in the crib (especially since, lately, he wakes up when I put him down anyways). For safety’s sake, try and keep knursing to smallish items so we have no one getting hurt by the needles. Socks work great here, as do mitts. Anything on circulars is also great as there aren’t any pointy dpns sticking out!

So that’s the list. Any other suggestions are hugely welcome. My big problem now is the spinning wheel I just bought. So far, I haven’t found much time for that but I’m resourceful!!


~ by maknitobamomma on November 2, 2010.

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