Never saw it coming….again

My daughter is in kindergarten. We’re still adjusting. This is something I really didn’t expect. She loved nursery school, I thought that would just carry on to kindergarten. Mostly, it’s okay but there are negative aspects. I thought it would just be all the love for nursery school – but more. She goes to kindergarten every second school day, all day. This is where the problem lies. I think she has to show such restraint during the entire day (as she’s not the type to argue with authority figures other than her parents), that Mummy gets it ten-fold when she gets home. It helps me to know the potential cause of a problem. This is all getting much, much better as time goes on. It was just…unexpected.

I should have expected the trouble we’d have in the mornings but I didn’t. I have a real “girlie-girl” on my hands. I stopped resisting this a while ago and decided, instead of arguing about outfits every morning, I’d just load her up on skirts. If she grew out of a pair of pants, it would be replaced with a skirt and pair of tights – at least enough for school days. This worked very well. Play clothes = sweat pants; School clothes = skirts and tights. The only problem I saw was walking to school on the cold days before ski pants are necessary. I solved this by starting a pair of these legwarmers. Great! I knit 13″ of a spiral rib in Patons Kroy Fern Rose Jacquard. Got pretty bored with it after a while but it made good purse knitting. Cute, non?

About 3/4 of the way up the leg, we encountered a glitch. The little darling no longer has the fortitude to put her tights on by herself in the morning. “It’s too hard”. What?? Too hard? Talk to me about too hard when you’ve got to get 3 kids (5 and under) up and out the door by 8:25 am and one of them (who’s perfectly capable of dressing herself) decides getting dressed is “too hard”. She’s now on a skirt strike. She’ll just wear pants because that’s easier. Great. You’ve got 3 pairs of jeans that barely fit and one’s got a hole in the knee. Let’s not forget the hand-me-down sweatpants I swore I wouldn’t let you wear to school because they’ve got writing on the bum. Why don’t I see these things coming? So…do I bother with the other legwarmer? I think I’ll just stick to my latest addiction:


They don’t talk back 🙂


~ by maknitobamomma on November 4, 2010.

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