Confessions from a hurried knitter

So, Christmas is breathing down my neck in a big way. I’ve been trying to ignore it but I can’t. My mother won’t let me 🙂 I have constant “reminders” from her (when is it “reminding” and when is it “nagging”?) Thanks Mum, I appreciate the motivational talks!

I’m coming clean with my Christmas knitting aspirations:

1. Plain socks for Grandpa on the farm. Size 13 feet – must start soon.

2. Something thick and quick for 3 girlfriends. (I already know what this will be, just keeping it a secret)

3. Cowls for Grandmas (haven’t picked pattern yet, recommendations welcome!)

4. Teaset for Sage

5. Fornicating deer hat for brother’s 30th birthday (December 1st)

6. 3 pairs felted mitts as “just in case” gifts.

Is this doable? Let’s have a gander at what’s on the needles right now:

1. Shawlette. This is for me. It’s to match a toque I made for myself as a splurge gift. It will be my winter scarf. It’s November 7th. I live in Manitoba. For some reason, we’ve got a high of 17 C (62 F) today. This will not last. I’m going to need that scarf soon.

2. Hat for girlfriend’s birthday. Her birthday was September 2nd and, yes, I am ashamed. I had something else started, realized it was going to be too small and ripped it out. I then promptly started my splurge hat (it’s really cute – I’ll post soon). I also got a little caught up with those booties.

3. Husband socks. Poor, poor husband. He works outside a lot and only has one pair of wool socks. He needs socks from his dear wife who always puts him last. I’m sorry honey. You really should have worn that toque more last winter. Apparently, my knitting holds a grudge. Anyways, I’ll be at a dance thing with Sage (and without boys) all afternoon. His socks are going to be worked on today.

4. Fornicating deer hat for Cam. I was pretty proud to have gotten this bad boy started. So proud, in fact, that I ignored how dangerously small it was until I was over halfway done the lining. I slipped it onto some thread last night and had to face reality. I ripped it out and started again this morning. 3 rows done now so it’s a little bit less done than in the picture. Thankfully, it moves pretty quickly.

It actually doesn’t seem that bad now that I’ve put it into list form (insert crazy, nervous laugh here). I’ve saved myself in a big way this year by discovering a lady closeby who sells the most adorable little matching aprons and oven mitts for kids. All the children 5 and under on my list will be getting them this year. Thank you Dora Something in Onanole. You saved Christmas for my family. (P.S. Dora Something in Onanole? Do you bake? If you could handle the Christmas baking, too – maybe I’ll knit you some socks.)


~ by maknitobamomma on November 7, 2010.

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