Remembrance Day

Yesterday was spent trying to think of something to write to honour our veterans on Remembrance Day. Sadly, I came up with nothing but I did spend my entire day honouring them by realizing I had them to thank for everything. I got up and ate what I wanted to for breakfast, nursed my baby, practiced Highland Dancing with my daughter, did laundry, etc.. without any fear.

My daughter attended her first Remembrance Day Service at school on Wednesday. We asked her what she learned:


I asked, “Did you learn why we have Remembrance Day?”

“Because of the war?”

“Yes. What are you supposed to remember?”

“Let me think. Um….The men who died?”

“Yes, anything else?”

“And those who came back?”


“And the nurses, who helped the wounded.”

I think she was listening.


~ by maknitobamomma on November 12, 2010.

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