Deer Hat

It’s finished and it’s too small. It barely fits Sage and I can’t very well give it to her, can I? I have a friend with a freakishly small head. I’m going to give it to her. That’s the best thing about hats, even x-rated ones 😉

G-rated side:

X-rated side:

New one started for baby brother who better appreciate it, but probably won’t. I like this one better and I’m not lining it because it’ll be too hot in this wool and he really doesn’t need a g-rated side.

Do you swatch for hats? I tend to use the hat as a swatch and then cross my fingers….

P.S. I can knurse with this project!


~ by maknitobamomma on November 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Deer Hat”

  1. I’m lol…That hat is beautiful!

  2. Love the hat….glad to see you’re with me in the gauge swatch fitting “wishing on a hope it fits” club. Loved the part of “friend with freakishly small head” …hope they’re not a blog reader. Thanks for the laugh…I needed that:)
    Also, posted a new soup on Lap Dog that may be of interest to serve the family sometime – it’s another easy one!
    I’ll be back to see whatelse you’re up to.
    Have a great week…

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