Blame Christmas

I implemented a new Christmas policy this year: If it’s stressing me out, take it off the list!

Blogging and Christmas cards were removed. We had a lovely Christmas because of this. Mummy’s drill-sergeant-alter-ego was absent so everyone had fun. Most of my Christmas knitting got finished, although I pulled one or two things out of a randomly finished items box. Maybe a little less personal, but the recipients were pleased! Unfortunately, no pictures of anything but Christmas is old news already. I’d rather share pics of what I’ve been working on since Christmas.

Finally finished DH’s socks

He’s never worn handknit socks before this! Never ever! (his mum and grandma were quilters)

I made some hats for a friend’s daughters (modeled here by the lovely Sage)


And a long-ago request from the lovely Sage is finally finished. She sleeps in it, so I’m guessing she’s a happy customer!

Mum and I are going to tackle some craft sales next winter so I’d like to start stockpiling kids hats, fingerless mitts, socks and neckwarmers. Any other suggestions are very welcome!


~ by maknitobamomma on February 15, 2011.

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