I’m a stay-at-home mother of three muddling through the process of raising kids in a crazy, technical world that I can’t keep up with. I want my family to learn the values behind living simply. To us, this means spending lots of quality time together, trying to eat locally, and making what we can ourselves. I try to limit TV time (especially in summer) and maximize outdoor time!

Before becoming a mother, I was a professional gardener. I also love to knit, bake and cook. Happily, these are things I can continue to do with small children in the house – I’m even able to have them help with gardening, baking and cooking.  The knitting…well,eventually I’ll learn not to leave unfinished projects laying around for them to destroy 😉

I hope this blog will serve as inspiration for other families to get back to basics. At the very least, it will help me to keep focused on doing it for my family!


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